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​Farm Yarn

​Thick 'n' Thin

Baby Alpaca Silk Lace


​Shetland Singles


   Superwash Merino

​3 Creeks

Medium Brown

6 ​Available

Dark Brown

4 ​Available


​              Sorry -  Sold Out

              ​Light Sheeps Grey

​              Sorry Sold Out!

                 ​Shetland Singles

​A single ply yarn, worsted weight.  Needles size 7-10

Approx. 4 oz  155yds.                  13.00

 Shetland and Icelandic Yarns

The Shetland and Icelandic yarns shown here are produced in the mill on the farm, from the fiber sheared twice a year from the farm flock of Shetland and Icelandic sheep.  After the fiber is washed, picked and carded, it is spun into several different weights of yarn.  Some fiber will be left in its natural colors; the rest will be hand dyed.  When you purchase hand dyed yarn, be sure you get enough for your project because the next time we dye, it will probably not be the same.  Things like water temperature, humidity, ambient temperature, water hardness, time in the dye bath, and unknown factors influence the outcome.


Superwash Merino, Silk/Merino, Sock, Thick & Thin, Baby Alpaca/Silk Lace and Bamboo yarns are purchased as natural-colored and hand dyed here on the farm.