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08 Teal

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05 Rich Soil

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04 Charcoal Natural

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01 Natural

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Native Twist: Soft Spun Single
When the forecast calls for wintry winds and heavy snowfalls, fear not.

Native Twist (our most popular product) comes to the rescue with a single-ply, lofty yarn. The bulky weight creates a soft, smooth knit fabric, making it an excellent option for heavy-weight outerwear such as coats and sweaters and fantastic for bags like our Farmers Market Tote. The structure and texture of our soft spun wool allows it to form a matted, felted surface—ideal for felting projects such as our Felted Bangles and Bracelets and Imperial Town Hat. We’ve even heard of folks making book covers, pet beds, cell phone cases and coffee cozies. Now that’s imagination!

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116 Wild Strawberry

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Our next Spin-In/Fiber Crafter Get Together 
Sunday July 29TH, 2018 Noon - 4 pm

Join us for an afternoon on the farm! 

​Pot Luck Snack table will be set up.Coffee & Tea Served

111 Kingfisher Blue

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121 Cactus Blossom

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