Rug Hooking with a hookand strips of wool cloth or with a punch needle and strips of wool yarn, classic, primitive or modern designs become works of art.  Practical or decorative, rug hooking, which began in the United States in the early 1800s as a means of covering floors for the very practical purpose of keeping warm, also evolved into a decorative art with wide interpretations of common and not so common themes.

Hudson Valley Sheep & Wool Company supplies foundation cloth, hooks, punch needles, wool cloth, wool yarn, designs and advice. 

 Amy Oxford punch needle

I'll finish the edges - someday!

 This was my first try with hook and yarn, adding the bird, bunny, butterfly, bumble bee, pig and small flowers as I worked out from the central flower. 


​               Scottish Linen    60 " wide                $33.00 / yard 

               Monks Cloth     60 " wide                $23.00 / yard

​               Wool Cloth        Hand dyed              $23.00 / 1/2 yard

                                         Natural                    $11.50 / 1/2 yard

              Amy Oxford Punch Needles

                                        Size8 Regular (1/2") $28.00

​                                         Size 8 Fine(1/2")      $28.00

                                        Size 9 Regular(3/8")  $28.00

                                       Size 9 Fine(3/8")         $28.00

                                       Size 10 Regular(1/4") $28.00

​                                       Size 10 Fine(1/4")       $28.00


         Joan Moshimer Hooks

                                     Medium          $10.00

                                     Coarse            $10.00

​                                     Primitive         $10.00


​Joan Moshimer Hooks

I finally finished this.  Next time, if ever, I'll

use much heavier yarn so it will go faster.  Pretty though.

Shamrock    Monks Cloth

8.5"W x 8.25"H    $6.00

Snowman   Scottish Linen

​14.75"H x 11.75"W    $10.00

Star    Monks Cloth

​9" x 9"    $7.00

Heart    Monks Cloth

​9"H x 9.75"W    $6.00

House    Monks Cloth

9.75H x  10.25"W    $7.00

4 Hearts    Monks Cloth

11"H x 10.5"W      $7.00

8 Hearts   Scottish Linen

​16.5"Wx 17.25"H    $10.00

Cat    Scottish Linen

11.5"H x 15.25"W   $10.00